Monotheistic or Polytheistic: Jains do not believe in the concept of a God being responsible for the manifestation of the Creation. They believe the universe is eternal. Prophet or Founding Thinker: Founded in India 2,500 years ago by Nataputta Vardhamana. Major Beliefs and ...Read More


Universal or Ethnic? Why? Mono or Poly? Prophet or Founding Thinker Branches Major Beliefs & Sacred Text Calendar & Symbol    Diffusion Holy Places: Namorara Mantra, Pratikraman- daily worships Architecture (include Illustration) Read More

Judaism Religion / Hearth Semitic hearth Universal or Ethnic? Why? Ethnic religion Monothesitic - believe in one all-powerful God Mono or Poly? Mono Prophet or Founding Thinker Abraham prophet and founder Branches Reform, Orthodox, Conservative Major Beliefs & Sacred Text Jewish people consider themselves God’s “chosen” people. 10 Commandments Torah - 1st 5 books of ...Read More