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This relates directly to our discussion about downtown Baltimore and what could be done about abandoned buildings.  Do you think demolition is the answer, or are there other alternatives that might work better to revitalize a city? "Even when the demolitions ...Read More

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Here is the complete final with additional notes: Final Notes Here is a link to the College Board unit summaries.  When you click on a unit, you have to scroll down to the little box that says more... Then you will click on ...Read More

Here is a quick list of sites, documents, and quizzing pages that will help you interact with AP HUG concepts. (most links were found on this website: (practice test - it has a name and password box but just click "start ...Read More


Smart people like this write these summaries ... I wanted to include the official College Board summaries of the units.  This might help you as you gather pertinent information to complete your master unit summaries. I. Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives The AP ...Read More


To review for the exam, and for your final exam grade, you will complete a thorough review summary for each unit.  You will take the College Board framework for content, and apply what we have learned this year to fit ...Read More


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In class for the next few days we will be working in groups to create an explanation, rubric, and presentation for an agriculture FRQ.  Below you will find the FRQs and a list of the groups.  Please note, the FRQs ...Read More